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Become a member

 Benefits of becoming member of the Young Confederation:

  • Access to the Confederation multimedia learning portal.
  • Regular information by email about the Young Confederation news and events via newsletters and social media.
  • Opportunity to apply for Confederation grants, awards, fellowships and observerships.
  • Discounts on standard registration fees to Confederation congresses and educational events.
  • Access to ENT & Audiology News e-magazines and e-newsletters direct to your inbox every month at no cost.
  • Inclusion in the Young Confederation community- easily connect with your peers, ask for advice, publicise your own events and receive support and friendship.

No membership fees

Who can become member of the Young Confederation:

  • Any member of a subspecialty society, national society or any individual member of the Confederation younger than 45 years of age at the time of the application to join may apply to become part of the Young Confederation*
  • The membership with the Young Confederation ends automatically at the end of the year in which the respective member turns 45.
*  Only members of a Confederation member society or individual members of the Confederation may become members of the Young Confederation.
Check the list of member societies:
If you are not a member of one of the Confederation membership societies you can always opt to become an individual member of the Confederation.