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Young CEORL-HNS: empowering the future of otorhinolaryngology

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Young CEORL-HNS: empowering the future of otorhinolaryngology

Font: ENT & Audiology News - 8 January 2024


Young CEORL-HNS is a subgroup within CEORL-HNS which encompasses new specialists in ENT within training and up to the first decade or so as an accredited specialist. Giuditta Mannelli is the current president and is a head and neck surgeon in Florence. She, along with the other members of the executive board, introduces the role of the YCEORL-HNS, the activities they promote and why you should actively participate in the group – if you are young!

The Young Confederation is a group of individuals within the Confederation of European ORL-HNS which aims to create links between the young ENT consultants in Europe in order to share experiences, promote education and offer opportunities.

After an initial phase of testing, the Young CEORL-HNS Executive Board is pleased to present the first initiatives that will develop in the coming weeks. We aim to share experiences between colleagues across Europe in order to contribute to the professional and personal growth of each member of this scientific community. Our goal is to involve as many colleagues as possible to expand the communication network and facilitate cultural exchanges. The ultimate goal also includes enriching scientific activities and creating work and study opportunities through communication and socialisation.

We present the main upcoming events and the most recent activities of every subspecialty group, illustrating the infinite opportunities for application and development of each one. The first of our engaging activities is our monthly quiz, held on the second Monday of the month, with solution presentations taking place on the other Mondays. These quizzes are held on the CEORL-HNS social media channels, providing a platform for ENT enthusiasts to test their knowledge. We ensure comprehensive coverage of all ENT subspecialties, from basic scenarios to advanced cases and more, through a rotating selection of topics. We welcome participation and engagement from all of our community members. You can contribute by answering the quiz questions or even suggesting your own intriguing cases for consideration. We would be delighted to have you join.

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